158 cm Realistic Japanese Love Doll Kiko from OkSexDoll

158 cm Realistic Japanese Love Doll Kiko from OkSexDoll

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I don’t like to show you Japanese sex dolls under 140 cm, and the last poll I did show that you weren’t a big fan. Nevertheless, I find the concept of “pocket sex doll” interesting on several levels.

First the weight… we all know what it is like to move a sex doll over 30 kg and the effort it takes. Even if we have to recognize that the pleasure we get from it is well worth the effort.

Second the storage taken in our closets. You have to have something to hang it on or lie it down so that it doesn’t get damaged, and that requires one that is large enough and well-equipped to hold it.

6Ye offers this portable sex doll – the 6Ye 3ft5 (ca. 1 m)105cm with the A1 face – for your travels too…. With its 30.8lbs/14 kg, it can be taken anywhere and you will no longer be alone in your hotel room… well I’m OK that you’ll need another suitcase to carry it, but when you get to your destination you’ll have a big smile when you unpack it!….

And with her very generous measurements, you will enjoy her. She’s small, but she has good big breasts and a nice, well-rounded ass.
And to top it all off, she’s not very expensive, since she only costs $1282.
Here are all Japanese sex dolls https://www.oksexdoll.com/japanese-lifelike-sex-dolls.html

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